Saturday, April 23, 2011

Club Manila East Rates & Entrance Fees

It's summer time and families are looking for nearby resorts and vacation spots. Here is Club Manila East Rates / Entrance Fees (Taytay Rizal Branch):

DAY PASS 7am - 9pm
  • Guest Adults Php 350
  • Kids (below 3ft) FREE

Accommodations 7am - 9pm
  • Cabana Php 1,500
  • Hut Php 1,000
  • BeachView Cabins Php 1,000
  • Pavilion Php 50
  • Picnic Area FREE
Overnight Accommodations 2pm - 11:30am

Dona Luz Villas (Php 3,300)
  • for 2 pax with set breakfast
  • Extra Pax: Php 700
  • Maximum of 4 pax in a room

Don Renatos Villas (Php 3,050)
  • for 2 pax with set breakfast

  • Guests should wear proper swimming attire when using the pools
  • Outside food and drinks are not allowed inside the resort. Food and drinks are readily available in the premises.
  • Kids and valuables should not be left unattended.
* Rates as of Summer 2011; subject to change wihtout prior notice

Club Manila East is open during the whole Holy Week including Holy Thursday, Good Friday, Black Saturday, and Easter Sunday.


  1. just wanna know if they accept visa card for day tour? consisting of 9 people.

  2. 0% interest? installment?

  3. I am girl. I will go to CME tomorrow.. Use wear wetsuit as sport shirt?? I dont like bikini.. BEcause Im muslim.

  4. Hi Sittie,

    Since it is religious in nature, I believe they will allow you to wear your sport shirt instead of bikini. You just have to explain it to them. :) enjoy CME!

  5. How much is your fod rate? Are there fast foods inside?

  6. The food rate is a little above average but ok. No fast foods inside.

  7. what if we're more than 15, can we get discount?
    what's the biggest room you can offer for us that is not too expensive?

  8. Until what time is CME open tomorrow, April 05, 2012? Thanks

  9. Check out these contact numbers:

    Club Manila East
    Km. 24 Manila East Road
    Taytay, Rizal Philippines 1920

    Office Telephone Number
    (632) 660-2801
    (632) 284-4740
    (632) 284-4736

    Office Fax Number
    (632) 660-2808
    (632) 284-4752

  10. do i need a reservation for day pass or could we just drop by? thanks

  11. ahh, Club Manila East... lots of crocs there my friend--expensive gadgets of guests have a habit of disappearing mysteriously on that effin' resort.

  12. are pets allowed?

  13. we're planning to bring our dog (toy dog). i know admin will let her swim. shes afraid of water anyway. we just need to bring her along or she'll be left at home alone. kawawa naman.

  14. Hi! im planning to go here on this friday for Day visit?
    From the listed accomodations , what is the closed room one?? and how much does it cost?? also we're just two so we don't need a big place.

  15. Hi Anonymous,

    On Club Manila East accommodations, most of the enclosed ones are big. pls check their website for rates, entrance fees, and cost

  16. hi..wish to visit cme with my daughter.
    picnic area is free? can we place our things in the pavilion?